For developers

Cookie syncing

Incoming cookie sync requests

Example URL:{user_id}&rt={REDIRECT_TO_ENCODE_URL}


  • {user_id} - user identificator in SSP
  • {REDIRECT_TO_ENCODE_URL} - URL to which one you want to redirect the request (302 redirect), must be passed in encode
  • ${GDPR} - the value 0 or 1 according to documentation CMP API v2
  • ${GDPR_CONSENT_XXXX} - user consent to the processing of his data according to documentation CMP API v2
  • sub_field1, sub_field2, sub_field3, sub_field4, sub_field5 - optional parameters to which you can pass your value if you need to pass it in the redirect URL
  • %7B%7Bsub_field1%7D%7D, %7B%7Bsub_field2%7D%7D, %7B%7Bsub_field3%7D%7D, %7B%7Bsub_field4%7D%7D, %7B%7Bsub_field5%7D%7D - optional macros that are placed in the redirect URL, if it is necessary to forward the value from the corresponding parameters "sub_field1..5"

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